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We welcome your feedback about a number of topics related to the LMI site and publications, including:

  • How you used a particular LMI tract;
  • How an Walking with God or Dare to Trust! devotional helped you;
  • Creative ways you used the LMI devotionals with friends or small groups;
  • How an Escape the Trap! booklet helped you overcome temptation;
  • New product suggestions.

If you have a story or comment in any of these areas, please email it to and we'll review it and post it here to share with everyone! Thanks in advance!

How I used a tract

  • In our four-person ophthalmology practice we feel strongly about offering Bibles, Christian books, pamphlets, tapes, CDs and tracts to whomever desires them. They are available in our reception room and exam rooms to be freely taken by those so directed by the Holy Spirit. Our part is to disseminate the tracts and pray that souls will be set free.

    The excellent tracts for Catholics published by LMI are well written and clearly present biblical truth in contrast to the traditions of men taught by Catholicism. They offer valuable information to those still in darkness.

    LL, MD, Ohio

  • Your tract, If We Never Meet Again, is excellent. I love it. It’s so easy to give out!

    Sumner Wemp, Texas

  • Thanks for the tracts! I was raised a Catholic and have been saved for 13 years. Most sincere Catholics are open to the truth, and your tracts arm me with more information to share.

    MK, USA

  • Thank you for tracts that are very, very attractive, and for making them available so that the truth of His gospel will go to those in desperate need.

    JV, USA

How an LMI devotional helped me

  • Thank you for sharing this devotion (“Trials and Pain: Ordered By the Lord,” Dec 21) with me. My husband passed away recently—unexpectedly to our family, but not to God. Today’s devotion is a reminder that the Christian believer travels an appointed way, because our steps are ordered by the Lord.

    BW, USA

Creative uses for LMI devotionals

  • I receive your messages daily, and I make good use of them. I have a little Christian electronic ministry and re-distribute to a little less than 100 recipients worldwide.

    Maurice, USA

How a booklet helped me overcome temptation

  • I've been really benefiting from the resources on your website aimed at helping those with pornography problems. Reading the Escape the Trap! booklet online was of great benefit, and I am going back regularly to review the images and text. It is a further line of defense on what has become a controlling problem in my life. I am so grateful that you produce these helps.

    I have benefited from filtering, accountability, discipline, and spiritual warfare—all means by which God has given me grace in this area. Yet, I still find myself being drawn regularly to pornography sites. It’s a daily battle, so it’s great to have a visual booklet as another “brick in the wall” helping me to be transformed by the renewing of my mind from the filth of ever increasing wickedness to light, hope, and purity.

    God bless you and help us all in the ongoing fight for sexual purity and freedom from all forms of pornography.

    JJ, London, UK

  • The Escape booklets are great! I would like to use them in my speaking opportunities and on the our website. This is something that is desperately needed today...fact is, boys as young as 9 and 10 years old are now getting hooked on this junk. Thanks for making it available. 

    Sam Mahaffie, Saving Our Boys Ministry, Missouri

New product suggestions

  • Do you have an idea for a publication or a website addition? If so, please share it with us at